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Shared Workspaces

Liferay is a complete, all-in-one open source enterprise portal solution and web application platform.

It has over one hundred thousand deployments worldwide with sites from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We've purposed Liferay for everything from a portal, a CMS to a web application platform. We hope you enjoy this preview release of Liferay 6.0. Take a look around, and maybe for starters, click on one of the users on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Once you're done taking a look around, and if you haven't decided yet, you might want to ask yourself this question: "what are you going to use Liferay for?"

As a Portal

Portals are designed to unify information. Liferay was designed with people in mind. We know how important it is to communicate within companies and here's some of the ways we try to make it easier for you.

Shared Workspaces

Increase productivity by creating workspaces and workflows for documents, content, and more. Create a central meeting place for everyone related to a project; now then, imagine getting everyone on the same "page," no matter where they are.

Social Communities and Networks

Liferay Community Image

Remember Eddie, Olivia, and Johnny from accounting? What about Tom, Ryan, Jenn, and Steve from professional services? How do they communicate? E-mail can only go so far and instant messages can get lost or deleted. Now you're probably wondering, is there a better way?

Communicate, collaborate, and consolidate information...

By creating communities for different departments or groups within your company, then leveraging blogs, wikis, message boards, and shared calendars and get them organized and talking. With Liferay 6.0 we've improved this with community templates. When creating a new community, just specify the type of community, we'll propagate pages with portlets commonly associated with that community, then just edit and save to your liking.

Content Management System

Liferay CMS Image

Liferay isn't just an internal portal, as an external and facing portal, you'll have the tools you need to create beautiful, dynamic websites. Create content through an editorial workflow then use and re-use that content ubiquitously through your portal.

In this release, we've made many improvements to make finding and publishing your content as global as possible.

As a Platform

Platform Image

Liferay is a robust web application platform.It's open source so developers can see how things work.


Speed up development with built-in developer tools, LDAP, web services, and Spring-based architecture. Rapidly produce portlets and applications that cater to your needs.

Enterprise Integration

We meet industry standards which reduces risk and increases re-usability from within Liferay.


Liferay supports mashup development with support for widgets, Facebook® integration, iGoogle® support, and GoogleMaps®

Some Companies That Use Liferay

Cisco Developer Network, Monster Energy Drink, Teambeachbody.com, EA Mobile, Poken, FCC Reboot, and many corporate intranet sites... for case studies and more, visit Liferay: Stories.

Build With Us

What else does Liferay, as a company, do? We provide services.

  • We offer Enterprise Support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Training tailored to fit your organization's needs.
  • Through our consulting services, our experts are available to help you at every stage of the application's lifecycle.
  • If you develop for the Liferay application, why not partner with us and help us build.

Visit Liferay.com, for updates, events, and join our community.

These sample sites highlight features of Liferay 6.0

The current page is the default page each user first sees when he gets to your portal. By default, unauthenticated users are Guest users, so they are redirected to the guest community:

You can create any number of organizations or communities within the portal which will have their own public and private pages. One organization called 7cogs has already been created.

What is new in Liferay 6.0?

How can I upgrade to Liferay 6.0?

Visualização de conteúdo web Visualização de conteúdo web

Bruno (Admin)

The admin has full control over the entire portal, allowing modification and creation of users, communitities, and roles. View bruno's public page

Richard Publisher

Richard has article submission rights for the content management system. View richard's public page

Michelle Editor

Michelle has control over the staging and layout of all articles as well as publishing rights for workflow and the content management system. View michelle's public page

John Regular User

John is a user with minimum rights within the portal.